Version 61 Overview

Payments Manager App

Analysis: New Report - Student Allergy/Diet Type Requests

The report shows the status of student allergy/diet type pre-orders at an area level. These details are broken down by day and key stage.

Students: Allergy Request "In Progress" status

An In Progress status for parent-submitted allergy requests has been added, this new status allows users to clearly identify allergy requests that have been made and are yet to be approved.

Kitchen Manager

Stock: Site Drilldown (Export)

A stock item report can be generated which allows users to see all in-stock items across an area/all sites and then drill-down into which sites have that stock available and how much.


Sites: School Admin Pre-Order Lead Days config update

A new config option that allows users to prevent school admins from selecting meals within a certain timeframe has been added to the Site Meal Selection tab. This config brings school admin functionality in line with whiteboard and parent selection.


Meal Register update

For Students who have the Allergy triangle icon applied to them in Meal Register the text from the Diet Notes tab in the Desktop Payments App now appears next to the orange triangle icon on the tablet, even if there are no allergies or diet types recorded.