Version 62 Overview

Payments Manager App

Redundant Features and Functions removed

We have removed configuration features and functions from the Payments module that have not been used.

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Analysis: New Pre-Order Summary by Day Report

A new Pre-Order Report which summarises UIFSM, FSM, and Paid pre-orders across multiple days by Key Stage has been added.

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Allergy Requests: Pending icon

A Pending icon has been added to the allergy Requests column on the Students page to create a distinction between approved and rejected allergy requests, and requests that require action.

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Staff App

Courses: Max allowed field limit increased

The attendee’s max allowed field has been increased to allow a greater number of attendees, up to 1000, if required.

Cases App

Notes: Delete icon added to Case Detail Notes

Notes and actions can be deleted from the Cases module so that any irrelevant or legacy notes or images are not linked with a case.

Notes: File upload limit

The file size limit has been set to 5 MB for files being uploaded to Case Notes.

Menus App

Items: Description column added to the table

The Menu Items table has had a Description column added next to the Menu Items Name column so that when the table is exported all the supporting data is included in the export.

Recipes: Archived section added to filter tree

Archived menu items are now separated from live items and grouped under a new folder titled Archived.


Caterers: Weekly pre-order cut-off option

Caterers can set a pre-order cut-off date and time to prevent school admins from marking pre-orders for the current week, this function works in parallel with the lead days' config and is disabled by default.

Tablet: Auto-logout config applied to all modules

The Auto logout has also been updated so it now applies to all Tablet modules. If a user is inactive for a set amount of time, they will be automatically logged out of the tablet.

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