How to use the End of Year (EoY) Assistant

What is it?

The EoY has been designed to help schools to complete essential end-of-year and new academic year tasks. By ensuring these tasks are completed early, the school’s ParentPay site will be prepared for the start of the new year, reducing the tasks to be completed during that busy period.

Most tasks can and should be completed prior to the end of the current year, however, some can only be undertaken at the start of the new year such as completing the new intake pupil upload.  All progress is maintained so that you can easily pick up where you left off after returning from the Summer break.

When is it available and where can I find it?

The EoY tile will become visible early in the Summer term, approximately 75 days before the last date recorded in the current academic, and be removed approximately 40 days into the new academic year (based on the new dates you enter).


Upon logging in during this period managers will be presented with a checklist of end-of-year tasks that need to be completed or postponed until a later date.  Only one person needs to complete the tasks for each site.

WARNING: Once the mandatory period begins (5 days prior to the last day of the Summer term) it will no longer be possible to perform any other tasks in your ParentPay system until the mandatory tasks are completed. Please ensure you have planned accordingly.

Can I come back to it later?

You can leave the assistant at any time and return later to complete any outstanding tasks.  All progress will be retained as long as the task has been individually updated or saved. Simply select the task you left off at and continue to enter the information required.

You can also postpone completing it until later in the Summer term when you have more of the information required. Simply pick a date from the bottom of the screen and select the Set reminder button.

NOTE: It can only be postponed up to the mandatory period.

What is required to complete it?

The assistant is split into two sections: mandatory and optional tasks.

Mandatory tasks

These tasks must be completed by all schools.  They are required by core system components to function correctly such as payer alert notifications, automatic meal and event allocation (patterns), meal schedules, menu availability, meal pricing, allowance allocation, trip scheduling, as well as to capture the correct contact details for those responsible for the maintenance of your system.

These tasks MUST be completed prior to the optional tasks, which may rely on the data entered here.

Estimate time to complete:

  • 10 -15 minutes

Information needed:

  • Term dates for the new academic year.
  • Any closing dates that are currently known for the next academic year.
  • Contact information for the primary administrator, the catering provider (where appropriate), and the Data Protection Officer for your site.
  • Meal prices for the new academic year (where appropriate).
  • Free school meal (FSM) allowances for the new academic year (where appropriate).

The mandatory tasks:

  • Enter term dates and closure dates.
  • Update contact details.
  • Update meal/session prices.

Optional tasks

These tasks are allocated based on the configuration of your system.  Wherever possible you will only see tasks that are relevant to your setup.

NOTE: The mandatory tasks must be completed prior to starting these tasks.

While labeled as optional it is strongly advised that these are completed to avoid potential problems at the start of the new academic year. 

Estimated time to complete:

  • 30 - 120 minutes (depending on tasks presented).

Information needed:

  • New pattern information (where appropriate).
  • New menu information (where appropriate).
  • Pre-admission upload file (where appropriate).
  • Rolled up new intake upload file (where appropriate).
  • Information about new systems that have/are being implemented that will integrate with your ParentPay system.

The optional tasks:

  • Managing debt and credit balances
  • Update meal patterns
  • Update menus
  • Upload new pupils
  • Record upcoming changes
  • Final considerations

Checking progress

Each task has a progress indicator on the left as well as a counter for those tasks that have more than one step.  The different statuses available are:

  • Task complete
  • Task partially complete
  • Task not yet completed
  • Information only (does not require completion)

NOTE: In most cases, once a task has been completed it cannot be amended in the EoY. This is because each task may rely on previously entered data and alterations may impact dependent tasks. e.g. changing term or closing dates after publishing a menu will affect the available dates and may cause customers to be able to / not be able to book on the changed dates.

If required, changes can be made within the core administrative screens but should be considered carefully.

Getting help

Each task has its own help link to explain what is expected to be entered to complete it.  You can access these from the '?' at the end of each task line.


There are also a series of articles linked in each task to help you complete each individual section.

Should you need further assistance you can contact the service desk who will be able to talk you through any issues that you face. 

NOTE: If you are calling the service team, the Support Code used to confirm your identity can be found at the bottom of the EoY screens.


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