Version 63 Overview

Nutritional Analysis - AOCA fiber added to Nutritional details


AOAC fibre comprises of the total amount of non-digestible polysaccharides, and includes e.g. lignin and resistant starches, measured with a set of methods developed by the Association of Analytical Chemists (AOAC).

Menus Items: Manually edit AOAC fiber values

The AOAC fiber values have been added to the editable Nutritional values fields when the Edit Menu Item nutrition values manually feature has been enabled in Menus Admin Configure.


NSP has been renamed NSP Fiber.

Stock Items: AOAC fiber recorded against Stock Items

AOAC fiber values that are used in a recipe can be calculated and recorded against Stock Items.

Menus Items: AOAC fiber values automatically calculated

The system will automatically calculate a Menu Item AOAC Fibre value from a Recipe. In the event this data is not available it can be entered manually.

Meal Register: Staff accountability update

Caterer’s can associate members of staff with specific actions in Meal Register so that there is individual accountability for each meal served.


This function can only be enabled on request by a member of the Cypad Support team.