SIMS Attendance - Green arrow guidance reviewed

This guidance is to be used if a school is having problems with the SIMS Attendance import failing to process and it is displaying a green arrow.


The first step is for the Support team to check  Attendance, Meals and Events > Import to ensure there are no errors displaying. If errors are displayed, please advise the school accordingly.


If there are NO errors but the green arrow is displaying under View details, Please send the school a copy of the PARENTPAY ATTENDANCE UPLOAD report and ask them to follow the steps below:




As your  SIMS attendance registers are failing to import, can you please follow the steps below:


1.  Log in to the SIMS SERVER (this must be the school's SIMS SERVER)

2.  Log in to

3.  Navigate to Reports >Run report >Focus > Student


5.  Remove this report  and install the attached updated report. (If there is no report to remove, simply install the attached report)

6.  Attempt to import your attendance registers again via the ParentPay site.


If there is still a problem after completing the above tasks:

1.  Please log into the SIMS server

2.  Open the Event Viewer

3.  Go to Application and Services

4.  Select PPSIMSCLIENT and export the report   (right click , select SAVE AS and save to desktop)



Please reply to this ticket, attaching the log, so that we can investigate further.