Managing Students/Leavers in SIMS

For any changes made to students or class groups in your MIS Depending on when these changes are imported into Schoolcomms, pupils and class groups will update in Cypad after the next data sync:School members – 6am, 11am, 3pm, and 6pm each day.

Due to how your Cypad account is configured, your student/staff data is obtained directly from Schoolcomms. Although these students are showing as leavers in Schoolcomms (based on the leaving dates entered in your MIS), as they have not been deleted from Schoolcomms, they are still being passed to Cypad as 'Open' students.In order for them to no longer be passed to Cypad (at which point they should change to 'Closed' on Cypad), you will need to follow the deleting leavers process in Schoolcomms.