Sent Items - Web

Click on Sent Items in the left-hand menu to be taken to your Sent Items screen. Here you will see a list of all Text, App and Email messages sent.


Click on the message you would like to view, you can find the message you would like by scrolling through or searching in the Search Bar at the top of the list.

When you have selected the message, the content will become visible in the main content field and a menu will open on the right-hand side of the screen. Within this menu you have further actions for the selected message, such as: viewing Dispatch/Delivery Status; Printing a copy of the message permanently; Deleting the message; and viewing the Paper Copies of the message.


You will also be able to Archive a message and view your Space Usage.

View Space Usage and Archive Messages

If you are unable to send a message it may be that your usage has reached maximum capacity. To view your space usage allowance click into the sent items, select a message from the left, click Space Usage from the Right hand menu.


If your space usage is 75% or more, you will need to archive or delete some messages to free up the space.

To Archive Messages, go to the sent items, select the messages you wish to archive from the left-hand side. Click Archive from the menu on the right.

The document is saved as a download. From here you can store the document to a folder of your choice. Please note this downloads as a compressed file and if you wish to view the recipients you will need to extract the file before storing it.

Paper Copies

Click on Paper copies to view who needs to receive a copy of the message via another message. Go to the sent item, select the message you wish to view from the left-hand side. Click Paper Copies. From here you can view and print a paper list or send a text message/email depending on the original message type.


When you choose to send a text/email, the system will have already chosen the recipients for you.  Click Send Now to send the message.

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