Why can’t parents see the Dinners tab or balance on School Gateway?

  • Parental Responsibility is needed for parents to be able to see balances and make bookings on School Gateway.
  • Parental Responsibility needs to be applied (SIMS Section 5 of the pupil record, Arbor “Emergency contact” drop-down, or ScholarPack “Contact Order”) to the parent’s record in the MIS and then an import will need to be run in Schoolcomms for this to update.
  • For SIMS schools to run an import in Schoolcomms, you will need to be logged in to the desktop version of Schoolcomms: Click on Management > Click on Import management > Click on Run import (you may have to input your SIMS credentials).
  • For Arbor and ScholarPack schools to run the import in Schoolcomms, you will need to log in to the web version of Schoolcomms: Dashboard > Import Management > Click on Run import. .


Wonde import data from Arbor and ScholarPack on an hourly basis so users will need to wait an hour before running an import to ensure the latest data is imported