Can both parents have a School Gateway account?

It is possible for both parents to have a School Gateway account providing they match your import settings and have been imported into Schoolcomms with a valid email. 

Please note

Each parent will need their own individual email address and mobile number

You can check if the details have been imported by going to Dashboard Linked People and search the parents name.

Please click here for information to assist you with checking your import settings.

To enable the parent/s to view balances, book clubs, give consent etc. the parent/s would need to have Parental Responsibility (Parental Responsibility is applied in your MIS). Click here for information to assist you with checking if the parent has Parental Responsibility.

When they log into School Gateway, they will see their child's details, payment requests and balances etc. They will not see each others details. If a payment request is set up as a Fixed amount only needs to be paid once (eg for a trip) both parents will see this, but once one parent has paid it, it will disappear from the other parents options to pay.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have different balances displayed for separated parents based on what they have booked and paid individually. It is the child's club balance that is displayed on School Gateway.