Unrecoverable error when logging into Schoolcomms

If you receive an unrecoverable error when trying to login to Schoolcomms, it typically indicates a corrupted installation of the program.

Please try uninstalling Schoolcomms and re-installing by following the below instructions:

  • Close SIMS
  • Please check you are on the latest version of .NET framework
  • Click here to be directed to the download page 
  • Select the download link and click Run
  • Follow the installation wizard through
  • Login using your normal credentials

Please don’t worry about all your data – it is stored securely on our servers and will be available when you log back in using the new installation, so no data will be lost.

If the problem persists, or if you experience an unrecoverable error elsewhere in Schoolcomms, please could you obtain an error log for Schoolcomms using the below instructions and submit a Support Request here.

  • Press and hold the Windows flag button on the bottom left corner of your keyboard and press R
  • This should open up the Run window in the bottom left corner of the screen, type %appdata% and click OK
  • In the folder that opens up, double click the Schoolcomms folder
  • Open the folder with your computer username
  • Find the file called SClog (we will need the last modified file e.g. “SClog-9.6N log”) – it should be a text document
  • Attach to the support request
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