Changing the Installation User Interface Option to Basic

If you receive the below error message when trying to install the Schoolcomms MSI package, you will need to install Schoolcomms via the command line in order to set the user interface level to basic.


  • Uninstall Schoolcomms if installed
  • Navigate to
  • Click ‘Save’ instead of ‘Run’
  • Save to an area where the user has permissions
  • Save as Schoolcomms.msi – not the default name
  • Open command prompt (Windows+R and type cmd)
  • Ensure the command prompt is pointing at the location where you saved the Schoolcomms.msi file above.
    • e.g. cd c:\ and hit Enter to point to the C drive.
  • Once pointing at the correct location, type msiexec /i schoolcomms.msi /qb and hit Enter
    • The /qb command at the end will change the UI to the basic user interface and the install will start

If you encounter problems with this, try replacing the /i in the command above with /a instead (i.e. msiexec /a schoolcomms.msi /qb) – this will display the installation wizard.

If you experience an error similar to “Network resource is unavailable – Unable to locate schoolcomms.msi”, ensure you are entering the correct file name and that you have pointed the command prompt to the correct folder.

If you require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team by submitting a support request here.

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