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Below are some of the common topics people call about or wish to discuss.  You might also be interested in the article, Getting the most out of ParentPay

Identifying parents not using ParentPay

Encouraging parents to log into ParentPay and activate their accounts will have immense benefits, make sure you know how to identify those who have not yet registered.  Click here to find out more

Creating activation letters in Microsoft Word

You can create your own activation letters in Word using a mail merge to import your Parents’ unique activation codes. Click here to find out more

Using ParentPay to charge for clubs and wrap-around care

You are able to charge for extended school activities such as Breakfast and After School activities. Click here to find out more

Sending newsletters to parents via email

The ParentPay Communication Centre has everything you need to send out newsletters, notices and information… what’s more, parents’ accounts retain the messages to view at any time. Click here to find out more

Accessing FSM data for your termly census

You can use our reporting to collect FSM and UIFSM data for CENSUS. Click here to find out more

Compare parent provided contact details with MIS contacts

You can check the contact details provided by parents to ParentPay with the contact details you have stored in your MIS system. Click here to find out more


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