How to change the default settings to enable sending activation codes via email

It is important to encourage payers to activate their ParentPay accounts to enable them to  make payments for school items and also receive any communication that the school wishes to send via the ParentPay Communication Centre. 

In order to send activation codes via email, you must ensure that your site settings allow access to the email addresses uploaded to ParentPay from your MIS.

Please validate that the data in your MIS is correct. If you need to make any amendments, please do so then upload the data to ParentPay. You can then follow the steps below 


  1. Go to Communication > Settings and make sure the box is ticked to Allow emails to be sent to unverified email addresses 
  2. Set MIS email contacts to Enabled 



3. Go to the bottom of the screen and click Save

4. Now go to Communication > Contacts

5. Select Default contact rules


6. Choose Priority Urgent

7. Ensure that MIS sourced email address is included in the Channels in use

NOTE: for best results the channels should be set in the order shown below


You can now follow this guidance - How to send activation details via email