The ParentPay Academy


The Academy is the home of training at ParentPay.  Here, we try to provide an array of complementary and additional paid for training material to all our customers, all of the time, whenever you need it.  As soon as you have a contract with the group and have created a manager account, you will have immediate access to our training catalogue through your academy login.

Currently, our onboarding and project teams create Academy logins for all new users.  Existing sites that require new logins for new managers can contact the service desk to create suitable accounts and allocate appropriate courseware.  Shortly, this will be automated so that all new users, however, and whenever they are created, will be sent a login and assigned content appropriate to their setup.

However, we appreciate that it can be difficult to learn new systems from courseware alone.  That is why our blended learning approach provides new users with support and guidance from a dedicated group of trainers, able to respond to any questions that arise.

Where required, you can also request instructor lead training either online or onsite (additional charges apply).  See our Instructor Lead Training section for more detail on this.

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