Staff member previously a pupil with linked Prime parents

If a previous pupil is now a staff member we would advise they are added in SIMS as a new staff member not linked to their existing pupil record. 

If a staff member has been linked to their pupil record they will show as having Prime/Non-prime parents in linked people in Schoolcomms.

This may prevent the staff member from using School Gateway to make payments/view balances and it may also prevent the parent from using School Gateway for any siblings that are pupils at the school.

To resolve this issue, the parent's contact details in Section 5 of the old student record need to be removed and an import run to update Schoolcomms.

Alternatively you could change their Priority Number to a number outside of your import settings and run an import.

With this option, the parent will then need to be removed manually from Schoolcomms as a linked person by going to the desktop version of Schoolcomms:

  • School Members and Groups
  • Manage School Members
  • Search for School Member
  • Highlight and select Linked People icon (at the top)
  • Highlight Linked Person and delete.

They will now be able to use School Gateway as normal.

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