We have a new school joining us and they currently use Schoolcomms. What is required in order to set up the integration? (Cashless retailer)

Please ask the school to contact us via support@schoolcomms.com to confirm they will be going live with yourselves, along with the intended ‘go live’ date and the name of the cashless system they are currently using (if applicable). The below email template is an example of what we will send to schools to request the relevant information:

Thank you for contacting Schoolcomms and for notifying us of your upcoming cashless retailer integration.

Please could you confirm the following details at your earliest convenience:

• The name of the new cashless retailer you will be integrating with
• Scheduled ‘go live’ date
• Email address for your main contact at your new cashless retailer

By replying to this email, you are giving Schoolcomms Support authority to make contact with your new cashless retailer on your behalf as and when this is required during the setup process.

We will then liaise with the school regarding the required steps for enabling the integration, as these can vary depending on their current setup. Once complete, we will be in touch and provide you with the necessary API credentials for the school.