New SIMS server on hosted platform or third party connector

Depending on the location of the new server, you may find that the Schoolcomms import will still run successfully.

However if you are now going to be hosted you would need to ensure Schoolcomms is installed on the hosted platform and enable the Schoolcomms Plugin within SIMS, this will allow you to access Schoolcomms via the focus menu in your hosted SIMS.

If you are using a Third Party Connector you would need to install Schoolcomms on the Third Party Connector, you would then be able to check the SIMS ini and install the SIMS plugin locally.

Please click here for information to assist you in checking that the connection between Schoolcomms and SIMS is still valid (you may need to pass this on to whoever is hosting you).

Please click here for useful information to assist you with the SIMS Plugin (you may also need to pass this on to whoever you are hosted by).

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