Creating Gender Based User Defined Groups in SIMS

This is best explained using a worked example. The step by step guide below explains how to create
a user defined group containing all girls in Year 7:


    1. Click Focus-Groups-User Defined Groups
    2. Click New
    3. Enter an appropriate name – in this example Y7 Girls
    4. Set the active state to Active
    5. Enter a short name (Y7G)
    6. Click the Action button in section 2 above the member list


    1. Select Add Student
    2. Select the appropriate Year Group from (arrow 1 in the screenshot below) Click Search


    1. Left click the Gender column heading to sort students by gender


    1. Highlight the first female in the list, scroll down to the last female in the list and <SHIFT><LeftClick> on the last female in the list to highlight all females


  1. Click OK to add the selected students to the group.
  2. Click Save to save this group.

Repeat the above for any other year group and gender required.
The next time the Schoolcomms import is run the Y7 Girls group will be available in the recipient list.

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