How to prepare for the new academic year in SIMS

SIMS Year-End Processes

  • School leavers are given a leaving date and will be taken off roll after that leaving date has passed.
  • The academic promotion routine will automatically increment students' year groups, and their registration groups/classes will roll forward.
  • Pre-admission students will be admitted into school.
  • Secondary schools will need to apply the new timetable if not completed before the start of the new academic year.

Schoolcomms Processes

  • After the academic promotion routine has been completed in SIMS, data held in Schoolcomms will update to reflect the new academic year after an import has been completed. Students will then appear in their correct year and registration group/class based on your SIMS data.
  • Once a student's leaving date (within SIMS) has passed, they will be flagged as a leaver in Schoolcomms after the next import, but will not be completely removed until the Delete Leavers process has been completed, this is to allow schools to 'tie up' any loose ends, i.e. send messages, collect any outstanding payments, process refunds, etc. 

For assistance with the Delete Leavers process, please see here

  • For secondary schools, student and staff timetables will reflect the new academic year, providing these have been applied in SIMS.
  • If your school imports pre-admission students (configured via Management > Import Management > Edit Settings), their pre-admission records will fall into the Delete Leavers section ready for deletion, and their on-roll records will be imported into Schoolcomms (you will not need to transfer any payments or club bookings). If you do not import pre-admission students, these new students will be imported into Schoolcomms as normal now that they are on-roll.
  • Depending on your Schoolcomms licences, any payment requests and clubs being carried over from the previous year will reflect the existing members' new year groups and classes.

New Students

These will need to be manually added by editing the appropriate payment request/club.

For assistance with editing payment requests and clubs, please see the following:




If the academic year selected for the new timetable in SIMS is 2022/23, then the timetable won't be visible in School Gateway until the new academic year is reached.

For further information on the new academic year process, please see our September Readiness checklist here

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