How does SIMS handle preferred and legal name fields?

Schoolcomms import the following preferred and legal name fields from SIMS:

  • Students - we import the preferred forename and surname
  • Staff - we import the legal forename and preferred surname

Please note the above are set fields that Schoolcomms imports from SIMS and can't be changed; there are no legal and preferred name fields in SIMS for parents details.

As these are set fields if you use a wildcard/merge field to personalise a message with the students name, the preferred forename and surname will be used within the message.
There is not a Parental Salutation wildcard/merge field in Schoolcomms. However if you manually type: $ParentalSalutation$ this should enter the parent's name. You may want to test this first to ensure it works correctly.
If you are using the manually typed $ParentalSalutation$, it will pick up the Parental Salutation from the respective field within Section 5 of the child's SIMS record.

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