How do I add a Governor into Schoolcomms? SIMS MIS

To add a Governor in Schoolcomms:

  • Click on School Members and Group
  • Manage School Members
  • Add Member
  • Input the required name
  • Select the 'Governor' role from the drop-down box
  • Click OK to save
  • To add contact details:
    • Within Manage School Members search the name of the Governor you have just added
    • Click on the Linked People icon 
    • Click on New
    • Add the contact details
    • Click Ok to save

Once they are manually added, you will need to run an import in Schoolcomms:

  • Management
  • Import Management
  • Run import

This will then create a group named MIS: Staff - Governor (Schoolcomms created), which will include all of the Governors you have manually added. You can then use this group when sending your messages in Schoolcomms.