What if the parent has same name as the child?

If a parent has been added in SIMS and has been linked to the child, SIMS essentially thinks the two are the same person and hence Schoolcomms is unable to import the contact. This usually occurs when the child and parent share the same name.

You may also notice that the child's date of birth shows on the parent's record, and the child has a title.

In order to resolve this, we would firstly advise you to remove the title from the parent's record in Section 5 (which should then remove it from the child's record). If you then make a note of the parent's contact details, you will need to delete the contact from Section 5, and then re-add the contact details.

Ensure that you click New if a Matched People box appears, to ensure the parent is added as a separate person to the child.

You then need to run an import in Schoolcomms, at which point the parent should import successfully.

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