Why is a parent showing twice in linked people despite having separate records (SC/SIMS)?

If a parent is showing 2 individual records in SIMS/Schoolcomms this will not affect their access to School Gateway as long as their contact details match.​​
However, you can make changes in SIMs to link the parent to both children.

Please find instructions below to assist you with this:

  • In one child's SIMS record, make a note of the parents details in Section 5 and then highlight the parent and delete the contact record.
  • Then click on New to add a new contact, and enter the details for the parent (forename/surname/gender).
    When clicking next, it should display a matched people box and will ask if you want to link this to the version of the parent on the pupils record. If you select this and click continue, it will add the contact and link it.
  • Then if you run an import, you can check in linked people on the web version and it should hopefully show both children under the same contact
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