How Schoolcomms integrates with Arbor/ScholarPack/Bromcom

We are delighted to announce we now integrate with Wonde which means that Schoolcomms can connect and synchronise with Arbor/ScholarPack/Bromcom. 
Please click here to view how Schoolcomms integrates with other MIS Systems.


Please be aware, it is not possible to change the MIS IDs, i.e. from SIMS to Arbor/ScholarPack/Bromcom within your existing Schoolcomms account. 

Once you have gone live with your new MIS provider we will then create you a brand new Schoolcomms account, this is to ensure that data held within your new MIS is updated when an import is ran.

Payment requests, Clubs and Schoolcomms Dinners (depending on your Schoolcomms licence) would need to be recreated in the new school account and any payments and balances transferred. 

Please note

If your school uses our Cypad Meal Manager or Meal Selection modules, there will be a temporary disruption to bookings when the new Schoolcomms account is enabled. (Currently only available for  Arbor/Bromcom/ScholarPack)

Wonde are used by many of the leading edtech companies to synchronise their software with the different MIS providers used by schools. As well as integrating with 14 different MIS providers in the UK, Wonde are used by over 13,000 schools.

Data and GDPR

Wonde provide a secure and robust data transfer method, for more information please see their security documents. As part of their service Wonde will set your school up with a free portal where you will have full visibility and control over any information you choose to share with Schoolcomms. Further information can be found here.

You can contact Wonde via