Why do I get the error 'maximum refund limit reached'?

If a parent/carer has added more than 4 items/instalments to their basket and paid for them in one transaction unfortunately you are limited to refunding only 4 of these via Online Transaction Refunds. If this is the case you will receive the following error 'maximum refund limit reached'. The remaining items/instalments would need to be recorded as refund(s) via the manual transaction process and you will need to reimburse the payer via cash or cheque.

So to confirm, if a parent paid for 5+ instalments separately (i.e. checked out on separate dates/times), you would still be able to refund all of these. It is only if a parent paid for 5+ instalments or payment items at once (i.e. added them all to their basket and checked out) that you would be unable to refund all of them - for example, if a parent paid for 3 trip instalments and made two dinner money payments at the same time, you would only be able to refund a combination of 4 of these - whereas if they paid for them all separately, you could refund them all.

Unfortunately, this is a limitation imposed by the payment providers. As advised above, in those cases you would need to refund the remaining amounts via cash or cheque and record manual transactions in Schoolcomms to reflect this.


The manual transaction process is purely an internal accounting procedure and does not refund monies or transfer monies between bank accounts.

Any payments made outside of the 180 day window or payments made with cash, would have to be refunded as a manual transaction.

Please click here for instructions to assist you in refunding via Manual Transactions. When refunding via manual transaction you will need to refund the payer with either cash or cheque.

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