How do I remove a pupil from an active payment request that they have paid against?

If a pupil has made a payment against a request there will no longer be the option to click on the x to remove them.

To enable you to remove the pupil from the payment request:

Add the pupil to the expired Childcare Voucher Payer payment request. You will then need to transfer the total collected amount showing against the active request, over to the expired voucher request via manual transactions. 

To do this:

  • Go to Payments
  • Click on Manual Transactions on the left hand side of the screen
  • Search for and select the school member
  • You don't need to select a payers name with it being an internal transfer
  • Find the payment request you wish to process the manual transaction for
  • Select the manual transaction type e.g. manual adjustment. In the amount column type the amount as a minus amount. Enter a comment if you wish.
  • Then on the request you wish to transfer the amount to, select the action type ‘Manual adjustment’. In the amount column enter the amount. Enter a comment if you wish.
  • Click on Apply Actions in the top right hand corner under the heading Transaction Controls
  • You will see a Manual Transaction Summary. N.B if you haven't selected a payer you will see a warning message at this point. (You can still continue without selecting a payers name)
  • If a payer has been selected there will be a tick box on the bottom left of this screen asking if you wish to send a transaction receipt to payer
  • If you are happy with this transaction please click Confirm
  • You will see a message in a green box at the top of the screen confirming that the transaction has been processed successfully

Once the payment has been transferred across to the Childcare Voucher Payer request you will then be able to remove the pupil from the active request.

To do this:

  • Payments
  • Click on the active payment request you want to remove the pupil from
  • Click on edit
  • Scroll down to the members and locate the pupil and click on the X next to the pupils name
  • Save

Please note: If the parent has reached the card details screen during the checkout process but then backed out of the payment. This causes the 'session' to remain active with our payment provider for 24 hours, which can sometimes result in the ‘X‘ being removed from next to the school members name on the payment request whilst the session is still active. Temporarily preventing you from being able to remove the child from the payment request, despite nothing being collected. 

After 24 hours you should be able to remove the child from the payment request.

Once the pupil is removed the parent will then be able to book the club sessions and will not be forced to pay. Any future Child Care Voucher payments will need to be applied via the manual transactions process which will then update the Club balance on Schoolcomms/School Gateway.