Parent can't change their PIN and they get the "details don't match" error

  1. In Schoolcomms click on Dashboard, then Linked people and search for the parent.
  2. Click on the Parent/carers name. Check there is an email address and a mobile number and their contact method shows they can be contacted via email, text, or paper (it may also say APP). If the text or email contact method is missing, please check if they are showing as needing re-enabling under School Gateway Actions.
  3. If they need re-enabling, click on the Re-enable tab, read the warning and confirm that you want to re-enable the contact. You will then see that the contact method will revert back to include the previously blocked contact method. The email address or mobile number will be unblocked and they can register for School Gateway and receive messages.

If there is a time and date in the Activated Column the parent has already registered for School Gateway. Check that the email address is the same as in Linked people.