A parent has updated their email address, but it is still showing the old email on School Gateway

If a parent changes their email address and you have updated this in your MIS and run an import in Schoolcomms the email will not automatically update in Linked People under School Gateway until the parent logs in to their School Gateway account using their new email and their existing PIN, this will then update their email in School Gateway.

If they can't remember their PIN, you can send them a new PIN via Schoolcomms.

To reset a parents PIN via Schoolcomms:

  • Click on Dashboard
  • Click on Linked People
  • Search for the name of the parent or pupil
  • Click on the parent’s name
  • Under the School Gateway Actions heading on the right-hand side, click on 'Reset PIN' (this will issue the parent a new PIN via a text message, and will automatically unlock their School Gateway account if had locked).
  • They can then use this new PIN and their new email to login, which will then update their email in School Gateway.