Creating the scheduled task

You must be logged on as an administrator to perform these steps.

  1. Open Task Scheduler (Start > Run > Type Taskschd.msc and click OK.)
  2. Click the Action > Create Basic Task
  3. Enter a Name for the task (e.g. Schoolcomms import).
  4. Select a Trigger (we recommend you run the task Daily).
  5. Enter a start date, time and frequency of execution (we recommend you set the task to recur every 1 day).
  6. Select Start a program and then click Next.
  7. Next to the Programs/Script box, click Browse to find and select the Schoolcomms.exe application file (default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Schoolcomms\\Schoolcomms.exe) and then click Open.
  8. In the Add arguments box enter the following (replacing the arguments in bold with your credentials):
    /scheduler SCUsername SCMemData SCPassword SIMSUsername SIMSPassword
    (see below table for information on these).
  9. Leave the Start in box empty.
  10. Click Next and then Finish.

Once the scheduled task has been created, check the security settings by following the below steps:

  1. Locate the scheduled task
  2. Double click on the task to open it
  3. On the General tab check the Security options:
    • Make sure the user running the task has adequate permissions as defined in the prerequisites
    • If you want the task to run when the user is not logged in, you will need to select the option:
      ‘Run whether the user is logged on or not’.


This will not work if your local connect.ini redirects to a mapped network drive e.g. S:\SIMS. To enable the scheduled import to work, change the redirect path in the connect.ini to include the full UNC path e.g. \\SIMSServer\SIMS

Task scheduler arguments

Arguments Replace with your details
SCUsername Schoolcomms Username
SCMemData Schoolcomms Memorable Data (case sensitive)
SCPassword Schoolcomms Password (case sensitive)
SIMSUsername SIMS Username or [TRUSTED] if you are using trusted authentication
SIMSPassword SIMS Password or [TRUSTED] if you are using trusted authentication


If you are using Trusted Authentication, [TRUSTED] must be entered twice (once each in place of the username and password)

Frequency of execution

We recommend the frequency of the scheduled import is Daily. If your school is using Online Reporting, then the import could trigger automatic behaviour/achievement/marksheet notifications, along with synchronising any unexplained absences with SIMS – please consider this when selecting a time to run the scheduled task.

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