Run the Scheduled Import using Command line

To check that the arguments and permissions for the scheduled task are correct, run Schoolcomms in scheduler mode from the command line using the same Windows user, SIMS user and Schoolcomms user you are using to run the scheduled task.

  1. Run Command Prompt as Administrator.
  2. Using Command Prompt navigate to the folder that Schoolcomms.exe is installed to using the cd command
    (e.g. cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Schoolcomms\
  3. In the Add arguments box enter the following (replacing the arguments in bold with your credentials):
    /scheduler SCUsername SCMemData SCPassword SIMSUsername SIMSPassword
    (see below table for information on these).
  4. Check the SClog using the instructions above to see if the import completed successfully.

If this is successful, check the details of the scheduled task and then run the scheduled task manually to force the task to run (rather than waiting for the scheduled time/date to occur).

Task scheduler arguments

Arguments Replace with your details
SCUsername Schoolcomms Username
SCMemData Schoolcomms Memorable Data (case sensitive)
SCPassword Schoolcomms Password (case sensitive)
SIMSUsername SIMS Username or [TRUSTED] if you are using trusted authentication
SIMSPassword SIMS Password or [TRUSTED] if you are using trusted authentication



If you are using Trusted Authentication, [TRUSTED] must be entered twice (once each in place of the username and password).

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