Version 64 Overview

Menus: Theme Days restricted visibility

Theme Days will only be visible for selection if they are set as Global, or linked to the same area, as the selected Site.

Master Menus: Student submission and approval update

When Master Menus is enabled, and a Master Menu is assigned to multiple students, the admin user can now submit and approve all assigned menus rather than approving and assigning menus per student (i.e. if a new Gluten Free Menu has been applied to 8 students at a site, the menu only needs to be submitted/approved once).

Meal Register: Transactions logged against Users and Staff members

When a meal is marked as taken by the logged in user (e.g. tablet user, desktop user, or individual staff member) the user’s full name and payroll number are recorded in the Transactions history table.

Stocktake App: Pending and incomplete stock transfers Activity screen

Pending or incomplete stock transfers (in or out) are now highlighted as an Outstanding task on the activity screen.

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