Version 65 Overview

Kitchen Manager Stock: Manager/Admin users can mark orders as cancelled

Admin and Managers can now mark orders as cancelled in the Kitchen Manager Orders page. This is for admin purposes only, orders submitted to suppliers still need to be cancelled directly with the supplier.

Menu Items: View nutrition values for a menu item per 100g

A new column has been added to the Nutrition table for Menu Items, this contains the nutritional values per 100g (e.g. Calories, Fat, Salt, etc.)

Menus: Nutrition guidelines for different reports

Nutrition guideline sets for both Food labelling and Nutrient standards can be enabled for analysis based on food labelling standards. This makes it possible for caterers to set up multiple nutrient guidelines for different consumers (i.e. primary analysis/secondary analysis).

Menus: Create copies of menu templates

Caterers can copy an existing menu template and save it; this copied template can be used for new menus instead of creating one’s from scratch.


When a copied template is created it contains the associated menus assigned to the appropriate weeks.

Staff Analysis: Staff Position added to Staff hours grouped and flat reports

Staff Positions (job titles) are now included grouped and flat reports, this information will be identified in the “position” column of the reports.

System Users: User Anonymisation

User details are now anonymised (replaced with Xs) when the user status is changed to Closed. To restore User details, customers will need to raise a Support ticket.

Staff: On-Hold status

The new On Hold status allows staff accounts to be kept Open but prevented from using the Meal Register App.

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