How do I use the Meal Register Payroll number validation

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How to validate the Meal Register payroll number.

  1. Open the Meal Register App. In the Enter Staff Payroll pop-up enter your Payroll number [1] thenclick OK [2].



If you're having trouble signing in click the Sync [3] button to update the Meal Register App.

  1. After signing in you will see your Name [4] in the bottom right of the screens.
  2. In the event the payroll number is incorrect or not registered an alert will pop up with the following message ‘Couldn’t find the staff member for this payroll number. Please try again.’

Switching user

  1. To switch users, press the top right menu button and select the Switch User [1] option and press OK [2] for the Confirm Action alert.
  2. The Enter Staff Payroll Number overlay will appear for the new user to enter their Payroll number and sign into the Meal register app.

Dual tablets

When the Dual tablet feature has been enabled the Switch User option will only be available on the Cook Tablet menu. Follow the standard Switch User process.