How to install a new SIM card

Removing SIM Card Tray

All of our tablets have a SIM Card Tray located on either the left or right-hand side of the tablet.




SM-T505 and SM-T515 Devices require a SIM Ejector to open the SIM Card Tray. Please ask Hannah or Lewis where these are located in the office.

Swapping/Inserting SIM Cards from SM-T505/SM-T515

Once Opened you will need to place the SIM Card into the tray as shown below.


Once placed and lined up correctly insert back into the Device.


The Device will ask the user to restart, if successfully placed the device will begin connecting to the relevant network upon start-up.

Swapping SIM Cards on SM-T285 and SM-T561 Devices

The above devices do not come with a SIM Card Tray or Require an ejector to access instead the SIM slot is built into the device. In order to access you will need to bring up the SIM Card Tray flap and insert the SIM Card directly into the device. Once the device has been restarted it will connect to the relevant network.