How to add a menu item

Go to Items > select an Item Type [1] > click Add [2] > Add Menu Item window Details [3] tab

Menu item.png

The Add Menu Item window lets you create a new Menu Item with nutritional, allergen and dietary information. When filling in the details for the new Menu Item make use of the Name field to include words like Gluten-free, Vegan, Dairy-free, etc. 

In the Details [3] tab you can record the following:

  • Menu Details [4] - Enter the key Menu information
    • Menu ID: This is a unique Alpha/Numeric ID that cannot be duplicated
    • Name (Cymraeg): This field is for the name of the Meal which can be entered in both English and Welsh (Cymraeg)
    • Description (Cymraeg): This field is for the Meal description (100 character limit) which can be entered in both English and Welsh (Cymraeg)NOTE Cymraeg or any other language boxes will only appear if a second language is enabled, refer to School Gateway Welsh language support (Desktop ONLY)
  • Type [5] - Assign the Item Types for the Meal Item
    • Menu Type: This can be set to Main, Vegetables, Dessert, Drink or Other
    • Sub Type: This option is only available when the Menu Type is set to Main and has the following options:
      • Packed lunch (home)
      • Packed lunch (school)
      • Default
      • Meat/Fish
      • Vegetarian
      • Vegan
    • Light Lunch checkbox: A light lunch option is a separate price for a small meal (e.g. Main) rather than a large meal (e.g. Main, Vegetables and Desert)
  • Pricing [6] - All these prices are defined per Student Type e.g. Nursery, Student, etc. With the introduction of Meal prices by year group, prices will be defined at two more levels, refer to Items - Editing Menu Items.
  • Photo [7] - Click on the Cypad logo to select a photo to upload, this will be displayed on the Desktop, Tablet and Whiteboard meal selection screens.

 When you have filled in the details click Save [8].


Cannot edit a Menu Item description on the Desktop after the Menu Item has already been uploaded to the ParentPay site.