How does Schoolcomms handle FSM/UIFSM

Schoolcomms reads the FSM eligibility from SIMS, so this will need to be entered in Section 6 of the child’s SIMS record – you will need to enter the eligibility dates under the “Eligible for Free Meals” heading.

For Arbor/ScholarPack schools please ensure the FSM eligibility data is correct in your MIS.

Data sync between Schoolcomms and Cypad

  • School members – 6am, 11am, 3pm, and 6pm each day.

The FSM eligibility would then show in Cypad (you can see this in Cypad via the Students tab – there is a column showing whether the child is eligible for FSM or not).

To ensure that UIFSM meals are charged correctly on your first day of term, please ensure you run an import in Schoolcomms before 11am so that the updated year groups will be passed to Cypad.

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