How to create and assign a menu template

Creating a menu template

In the Templates sub-menu the Templates [1] will have been already set-up and cannot be created where as the Student Templates [2] are used can be created Special Menu templates to be assigned to a student by clicking the Add Template [3] option.

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In the Menu Templates pop-up window, enter a Description [4] and press Save [5].

Assigning Menus to Templates

Menus are available for selection in the Templates menu [1], these Menus can be added to the Weekly Menu calendar [2] (the Template).

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After assigning Menus to the Template calendar click Save [3]. 

School Admin users can add Menus for a current week if the current week's template is a Blank menu [4]. This feature will only be available if the current week's template is blank.

NOTE: The current week's Menu cannot be changed between 8:45 am and 10:00 am.

To remove a Menu from the Calendar (Template) click the Delete [5] icon to the right of the Menu entry.

Important:  When removing a Menu from the Calendar (Template) be aware that this action will automatically remove all pre-orders that have been made for that week.

Assigning Menus to Student Templates

School Admins can assign a special Menu Template to any pupil, not just those with allergies (Student Templates). Specific Student Templates make it possible to meet student’s dietary or lifestyle requirements e.g. Gluten Free.

School Admins

Go to Meals > Students > select a student > Edit Student window Student tab [1] > Menu template dropdown [2] > select a Menu (Student) template [3] (i.e. Gluten Free Menu)

Assigning a student template.png

Menu templates for students with Dietary Requirements and Allergies remain active if a Theme day Menu is applied to a particular day in the Calendar, making it possible for these students to keep their special Menu Items.

When a student has a Menu Template assigned to them, any Meal pre-selections for today or in the future are automatically deleted. A pre-selection for today which has been applied (e.g. it is now the afternoon and the pupil has taken the meal) are not deleted.

Important:  Only Managers can view the records of the deleted pre-selections are recorded in the deleted pre-selections table with information that they have been deleted due to a student menu being applied.

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