How to create a Theme Day menu

Theme Day menus can only be used for one day in the calendar, as opposed to the Lunch category which is used to set up a menu for the week.

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How to add a Theme Day menu and adding Menu Items to the new Theme Day menu.


Menu templates for students with Dietary Requirements and Allergies remain active if a Theme day menu is applied to a site/area, making it possible for these students to keep their Special Menu items.


Enable the new user interface via the toggle in the top right-hand corner

When setting up Menus you can create a Theme menu for one day only, as opposed to the Lunch category which is used to set up a menu for all five weekdays

 Go to Menus > Menus > Theme Days [1] > click the Actions button [2]

Menus Add Theme Day.jpg

Click the Add Menu [3] option to open the Add Menu window.

When creating a new Theme day menu give it a Description [4] that is easy to identify (e.g. Gluten Free Menu #2).

Menus Add Theme Day Add Menu 2.jpg

Set the Item types [5] for the Theme day. This defaults with Main and Dessert pre-selected. You can decide whether to include Vegetables, Drinks and Other items by clicking the check-boxes and click Save [6] when done.

To add Menu Items to the new Theme Menu select the New Theme Day [1] (Gluten Free Menu #2).

Menus Add Menu Items 3.jpg

Users can select Items from the Menu Items [2] lists by dragging and dropping a Main Menu into the Main Menu [3] field. You can apply up to 20 Items to a Main Menu and up to 8 Menu items to a Vegetable Menu, Desserts Menu and Drinks Menu. Click Save [4] when done.


The Whiteboard UI has been updated to make this larger selection visible by using left and right screen scrolling. The Web based Parent Pre-selection also supports the increase in available menu items.

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