Creating Menu items with Allergen/Dietary requirements

Go to Menus > Items > select a Menu Item Type > click Add

Make sure the following tabs are filled in:

Details tab

When filling in the details for a new Menu Item make use of the Name field[1] to include words like Gluten-free, Vegan, Dairy-free, etc.

Allergen & Dietary menu item 1.png

Allergens tab

The Allergens tab contains a checklist of the 14 most common dietary allergens and an option for No Allergens [1] if a menu item does not have any known allergens. If an Allergen is selected in the Allergen checklist the menu item will be unavailable for any students who are allergic to the allergen.

Allergen & Dietary menu item 2.png

Important:  This checklist should be completed and, if required, use the Notes [2] column to record any specific details for an allergen.

Click Save [3] to record the allergen information for a food item.

Diet type tab

The Diet type tab contains a check list of dietary restrictions for cultural or religious purposes e.g. Vegetarian [1]. Click Save[2] when the list is complete.

Allergen & Dietary menu item 3.png