Version 66 Overview

Menu Items: Stock Item Ingredients listed in descending order by weight

When the Recipes feature is enabled the Stock Items listed in each of the recipes will be listed in order of weight i.e. if 50g of stock item 1 is used in the Recipe and 100g of stock item 2 is used in the Recipe, the order of the stock items will be as follows:

  • Stock Item 2
  • Stock Item 1

Stock Items recorded with a percentage of the total weight of a portion will be displayed as follows:

  • Stock Item 2 - 66.7%
  • Stock Item 1 - 33.3%


A tool-tip icon is displayed instead of a percentage for Stock Items missing the Quantity or UOM in the recipe.

Menus: Recipe Export update

The Menus Recipes Export options have been updated so only a PDF is available for download, the Excel option is no longer available. The PDF formatting has also been updated to include the allergy and nutritional information making it easier to read.

Student Records: Data Anonymisation

When a student record is closed manually the details are anonymised (obscured) so that unauthorised people are not able to access the student’s details.

Kitchen Manager: Email Manager update

Emails can be configured to go to Managers when a supplier order is submitted which requires approval. This is typically used when the requester’s assigned Area is equal to the Site’s assigned Area and the requester’s Order approval limit exceeds the value of the order.

Tablet: Meal Register menu update

 A new Admin menu option has been added to the Meal Register Menu. The Admin menu option offers you the following options:

  • Change password
  • System info
  • What’s New
  • About Cypad
  • System settings
  • External Apps

Allergies and Diet Types: Supporting documents update

Parents will no longer be required to upload a supporting document when submitting diet-type requests.