How to mark a staff meal as a duty meal using the meal register app

For members of staff who are eligible for Duty Meals the Duty Meal checkbox has been moved in the Meal Register App for standard Meal Selection and Pre-orders.

Go to Meal Register Meal Register [1] Select Lunch [2] from Meal Selection menu Press OK [3].

MM duty meal tablet intro 1.png

In the Meal Register classes list scroll down to the Staffgroup [4] and select the member of staff being served.

MM duty meal tablet intro 2.png

Standard Meal Selection

Select the Main meal [5] followed by a Desert [6] and Drink [7] if required.

MM duty meal tablet selection 1.png

Press the Duty meal [8] checkbox and press Select [9] to complete the meal order.

Pre-ordered Meals

The user can mark pre-ordered meals as 'Duty Meal' for members of staff as follows:

MM duty meal pre-order.png