How to select a meal on the whiteboard

The school administrator will provide you with a URL link (e.g. to the school’s whiteboard, and a username and password to log-in to the Whiteboard.

Breakfast & Break Meal Selection

When a site has a break/breakfast option, students will be given with the option to pre-select their break/breakfast on the whiteboard.

Click on Breakfast or Break > select a Class > select a Student > select a drink and breakfast/snack item > select OK or Redo

Main Meal selection

Students without a pre-selected meal or any food allergies or limitations will be able to select their main meal by pressing/clicking on a Main item. This will automatically take them to the next screen to select their dessert.


In the Desert selection screen, the student will pressing/clicking on a Dessert item to make their selection. This will automatically take them to the meal selection review screen.


On the meal selection review screen, the student can confirm they’re happy with their meal selection by pressing/clicking OK [1] or they can press/click Redo [2] to change their meal selection.


Pre-selected Meals & Special Diet students

When a student who’s parents have done a meal pre-selection for them, has a food allergy or dietary restrictions presses/clicks their Name / Photo [1] on the whiteboard they will have two options which will log them as either Present – Meal required [2] which will mean their pre-selected meal will be given to them by the caterer, or Present – Meal Not Required [3] which will register them as in school but not requiring a school meal in the event they have a packed lunch.


The student will need to press OK [4] to complete the meal selection.

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