Version 67 Overview

Tablet: Meal Register - Bulk confirm pre-orders

Tablet users can confirm all pre-orders in one go using the new Confirm all pre-selection option.


This option is not available in the “All” view.

Payments: Reports - Student Allergies, Diet Types and Notes

The existing Students with allergies or dietary requirements report can be run across multiple sites simultaneously. Due to the potential volume of data involved with this report, the student names will not be included in the report, but the ID number will still be included.

Nutritional Analysis: Analyse weekly menus

A new Nutritional Analysis option is available to analyse weekly menus based on predicted meal numbers. This will help caterers review and confirm weekly menus are meeting the School food standards.

Staff: Employee Number column added to Timesheets

The Employee Number field has now been added to the Timesheets grid, this data is also included in the exported spreadsheet.

Tablet: Interface update

The Tablet background has been changed to plain grey and the icons are now surrounded by a white box to improve usability.

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