How do I Delete Leavers in Cypad

Due to how your Cypad account is configured, your student/staff data is obtained directly from Schoolcomms. Although these students are showing as leavers in Schoolcomms (based on the leaving dates entered in your MIS), as they have not been deleted from Schoolcomms, they are still being passed to Cypad as 'Open' students.


In order for them to no longer be passed to Cypad (at which point they should change to Closed on Cypad and Anonymised), you will need to follow the delete leavers process in Schoolcomms.

You will no longer be able to send messages to them and any association with your school will be removed from their School Gateway account.

Before deleting your leavers, ensure you have performed manual transactions/refunds as there will be no way of recovering them once deleted from Schoolcomms.

Any personal information which cannot be removed will be anonymised on the following data sync, which will show as XXXX in your Schoolcomms reports.


Once the leavers have been deleted in Schoolcomms they will be anonymised on the next Cypad data sync.

Cypad will pick up the updated student data at:

  • 6 am
  • 11 am
  • 3 pm
  • 6 pm


Deleting your leavers will permanently remove them from Schoolcomms. When the delete leavers process is followed and you receive the success message, the leavers will be queued for deletion from our database, Users who have been closed historically will be anonymized – to reopen historically closed users, you will need to raise a support ticket