Version 161 overview


Communications > Files page

Help and guidance panel updated

The list of files types that are supported under the Communications > Files tab have been added to the second 'Help and guidance' panel.  These file types are .xls .csv .xlsx .doc .docx .Pdf .JPG .PNG and .JPEG






ParentPay reports

An issue with all ParentPay reports not being able to open with Excel had been reported.  This issue has now been fixed and all reports now able to be exported in to an Excel document.

A fix has been implemented for when a school manager attempted to open one of the following reports in Microsoft Excel (a warning message was displayed stating that “the file format and extension did not match”).

The eight reports were:

Collection service statements

Bank report (Report 08)

VAT report (Report I l)

Debt summary (Report 09)

Income summary report

Balance report

Weekly meal numbers (Report 14)

Advanced event supervisor report (Report 13)

In order to resolve this issue the reports will now be downloaded as a .CSV file, rather than .XLS.

End of year assistant

The fix has been deployed which will ensure the End of Year Assistant (EoY) is available to all school sites, including new school sites that only have a single term on their school site due to joining ParentPay later in the academic year.

Duplicate refunds

A fix has been implemented to ensure that a refund is only processed once, and not be processed again if a school manager refreshes the page.


Caterer application payment report 

The payment report has been enhanced to include cash and cheques in the caterers application via the payment reports.



A fix has been deployed to ensure the Data Formatting instruction only strips the year group from the front of the registration group name, and retains the correct registration group name.


Contact us page

A fix has been deployed to ensure a user is able to successfully submit a query via the Parent Support Form, and a ticket is subsequently raised in Zendesk to assist the user further.