Version 162 overview

Help and guidance links

Manager application

Updates have been made to the school manager support site so the URL links are directed to the relevant Help and guidance pages.  This has been updated in the following areas:

  • Payment items
  • Communication
  • People

Parent application

Help link

A number of updates have been implemented to ensure that the links on the parents pages refer to the relevant help and guidance pages.

Embedded videos

The booking related video tutorial has now been embedded in the relevant areas of the payers application.  These videos have had the auto play switched off.

Survey Links

The link for the marketing survey on the parents application has been updated to ensure that the survey responses reach the correct platform.

Group manager account banner

A change has been implemented to include the school name and DfE number on the banner when a group manager accesses the school site using their GMA account.


Updates in the trip module


A requirement to add GHIC (Global health insurance card) to the trip module for pupils health care when visiting overseas.

Manager application


Parents application



Trip payment progress report

A fix has been applied to ensure that the payment progress report always displays the payments made for a trip when a school manager accesses the report.


Payment reports

When a school manager carried out a search to create a payment report using payment items report, a limit of 2000 records were used to filter the results, meaning not all records were recalled in the reports.  The number of records used to filter the details has now been updated the use 10000 records to carry out the searched.  The reasoning behind this change is to ensure that all records pull through to reports when using the Advanced options filter.



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