Release 163 overview

Parent Support Form

The form used by Parents and carers when they are unable to log into their account has been updated for mobile devices.  This will make it simpler for parents that need support with this type of request.

Upcoming feature changes

Patterns solution updates

Work is ongoing to improve the interface used when setting up meal and event patterns for pupils.  This sprint included the ability to assign all individuals or groups to a pattern.

Further updates will continue to be released in upcoming sprints before this module is released.

Clubs module

Work is ongoing to introduce a new clubs module feature.  In this sprint work was completed to view the associated payment item, view income, view assigned people, archive the payment item should it no longer be required, and enable refunds.

Further updates will continue to be released in upcoming sprints before this module is released.


Changes have been introduced to include the correct allocation of the new allowance for meal patterns, manual attendance (including manager allocated), SIMS Attendance, meal bookings, classroom selection, tills, and all other meal systems currently available within the solution. 

Further changes were needed to ensure FSM continues to supersede UPFSM and that parents pay the correct amount when items supersede the allowance amount.

Additionally, reports have been updated to accommodate the new UPFSM allowance feature.

Due to the staggered rollout of the allowance to different year groups, and the inclusion of specific nursery group pupils, further work has been carried out to create an appropriate user interface to manage the process.

See article How to setup UFSM for more information.

Fixes and minor enhancements

Text balance alerts

When receiving an SMS or text alert as a parent you will now see your current text balance, allowing you to top-up at just the right time to continue receiving the updates.

Refund duplication

A fix has been applied to ensure refunds weren't duplicated when using the refresh option in a browser.

Top-up notification

A minor correction of the wording in the notification email has been made to improve grammar.

Security enhancement

The bank account details are no longer visible in full within the console when examining the screen during Bank Transfer setup.  These are instead masked in the same way as displayed on the parent application screen.

Weekly meal numbers report (Report 14)

Reception group pupils will now correctly display in the report when Infant and Junior options are selected.

Till migrations

Changes have been made to improve the balance adjustment process when migrating customers between till solutions using the DC3 interface.

Key contact changes

A fix has been deployed to allow managers to once again successfully split a primary payer from a child and allocate a secondary contact to the primary position.

Auto Top-up

A change was introduced to ensure parents did not receive a top up to their balance if the school feature has been suspended.

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