Using the Whiteboard - Preselected Meals

Viewing Pre-Selected Meals

Students with a meal that has been preselected by their parents prior to the whiteboard selection will shown with a blue border around their Icon [1]. You are unable to de-select these menu options but they are still viewable.


Select the Student name to bring up the menu options which they have chosen, the selected Meal will be highlighted in Green [2]. 


If desserts have also been pre-selected they will appear the same as the main menu choice, highlighted in Green [3] on the following screen. 


Please confirm the meals on the next page to finish the Meal Selection process. 


Please refer to, Using the Whiteboard - Meal selection and confirmation process for more information on the meal selection process.


Editing Pre-Selected Meals

Students are able to change their menu choice if required. The only instance you can do this is when they have already selected their meals on the Whiteboard. In this instance we can see the student has chosen Jacket Potato with fillings.


The process of changing the meal choice is simply selecting a different option on the whiteboard, for example if the student no longer wants Jacket Potato with Fillings they can select Salmon & Tuna Pasta and Garlic Bread [1] instead.


When a student decides to change their Main Menu choice they will need to select the Dessert again as the Pre-Order data has been changed.

Colour Tagging

If the Menu types are assigned a colour tag (e.g. Red = Meat, Blue = Fish, Green = Vegetarian, etc.) the student’s will have a Coloured dot [1] against their picture/name after meal selections have been made.


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