Duty Meal

You are able to mark a meal as being a ‘duty meal’ within Cypad. However, this can only be recorded via the Transactions tab after the meal has been confirmed (after 3pm if your school does not have a tablet or the following day if your school does have a tablet).

  • Navigate to Cypad > Meals > Transactions and find the relevant staff member.
  • Click on the checkbox for the day the duty meal needs to be recorded for.
  • Select the meal choice if it has not already been selected.
  • Tick the ‘Duty meal’ checkbox in the top-right of the pop-up window (please note you may need to extend the size of the window for this to appear) and click Save.
  • Any charges will then be removed for this meal.

If the staff member needs to pre-order the meal, it would not be possible to do so via School Gateway, as they will still be required to make a payment.

However, you would be able to manually enter the pre-order via Cypad > Meals > Pre-orders so that it shows on your meal selection reports as normal, and then mark it as a duty meal once it is confirmed using the above instructions.

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