Online Transaction Refund - Insufficient funds available

If you are not due to receive payments from parents on School Gateway for the bank account required in the near future and you have insufficient funds to refund against in Schoolcomms, you could complete the refund advice form and make a BACS payment to Schoolcomms.


Providing the total amount you wish to refund exceeds £500 it is possible to make a BACS payment to Schoolcomms.

Before making a BACS payment to Schoolcomms

  • Please check that the original payments that you need to refund were made within the last 180 days.
  • Please check your Balances Available To refund Report
  • If you have a negative balance to refund against on the bank account, you will need to allow for this as well as the overall amount you need to refund to the parents.
  • It’s best to overestimate for this as any funds not used for refunds will be settled back to the bank account.

Important considerations

  • Any unused funds that are settled back to the bank account will not show in any of the settlement reports within your Schoolcomms account.
  • Due to payment protection rules put in place by our banking partners, Schoolcomms can only be used to process refunds for online transaction payments which were collected within the last 180 days. Any payments made outside of the 180 day window or payments made by cash, cheque etc would have to be refunded as a manual transaction.
  • Once the BACS payment and refund advice form are received it typically takes approximately 3 – 5 working days to be processed.
  • Please use the school postcode for the BACS reference. Schoolcomms bank account details can be found on your latest invoice.

To submit a BACS payment request please complete the refund advice form below.

Refund Advice Form